How to Get Higher Post Interaction on Social Media

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How to Get Higher Post Interaction on Social Media


The science is in: social media rules the digital world.


Its usage reached 2.7 billion people in 2017, translating to an impressive 37% global penetration. These numbers are predicted to rise in the following months as the number of smartphone users worldwide is also increasing.


Studies show that the average person has between five and seven social media accounts that they manage by themselves. In other words, they create personalized content for each platform, as well as interact with their followers on a daily basis.


But as you probably know already, getting your audience to react to your posts and engage with you can be a bit tricky. Every day, online users receive thousands of updates from their network, and sometimes your message doesn't reach them. Or, they are burnt out and don’t have the energy to engage with your post.


Even with an impressive following, you might have noticed that your social media posts aren’t always getting the buzz you were hoping for. So what can you do to activate your followers and encourage them to interact with your content?


Here are a few tips you might find useful:



Tip #1: Go Live with Video

Live streaming shook the world and for very good reason. Think about it this way: the events are presented in real time, so users are not only encouraged to stick around until the end but also interact with the creator.


Due to its massive popularity, experts estimate that video content will dominate the web in the future. A report from Tubular Insights estimates that by 2019, 80% of global traffic will come from videos. So, if you haven’t used video until now, it’s time you jump on the bandwagon.


One of the main benefits of live video is that it allows you to connect and communicate with your followers. The social media platforms that have integrated this option, such as Facebook and Instagram, have made it extremely easy for anyone who wants to go live to do it with just a couple of clicks. There’s no editing or professional equipment required. All you need is your smartphone and a good internet connection.


Once you go live, it’s important to maintain a dialogue with your audience. You will most likely have a script, but try to interact with the people who tune in. Even small gestures like answering a comment or greeting a newcomer are met positively by your followers.


BuzzFeed are a brand that are killing it when it comes to live video. Here is one of their best performing live videos from Facebook with over 11 million views, where they made a watermelon explode by wrapping it in rubber bands!




Tip #2: Tag Relevant Influencers in Your Posts

A tag can go a long way if you do it right. As a general rule, tagging the people you are collaborating with is a good way to boost up your engagement levels. Just think about it: you are combining two different audiences, thus increasing your reach significantly.


There are numerous excuses you can use to tag people in your posts, especially those that have an influencer status. For example, you could quote something they’ve said, share their content, or post about something that might grab their interest. Make sure that the content is relevant and valuable if you want to increase the chances of getting a reaction from them.


This tactic is very common on Twitter and Instagram. For example you can see the post below has shared a Mashable article and tagged their Twitter account in the message:




Tip #3: Choose the Best Times to Post

In most aspects of life, timing is everything. It can make the difference between a delicious meal and a burnt mess, or between a joke that gets laughter and one that triggers no reaction at all. If you’ve been on social media for a while now, you may have noticed that the level of engagement you get on your posts depends on WHEN you publish your content.


There is no secret answer to this problem. The right time to post content is when most of your followers are active, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night. Experiment with different hours and see which ones deliver the most results. Stay open-minded and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts or pictures at unorthodox hours.


But if you are looking for a general guide, this visual about posting on Facebook from CoSchedule is a good place to start:




Tip #4: Hijack Trending Topics

This trick is incredibly simple to put into action. Search for topics people are already talking about and offer your take on the subject. The type of content can vary from posting a video commentary to creating a poll asking your followers for their opinions. The important thing is to take something that is already buzzing and use it to increase your engagement.


In a way, it’s sort of like a journalist’s work. Don’t let the scoop pass you by, especially if the subject is of interest or affects your followers.



Tip #5: Write Click-Worthy Copy

With so much content available online, you need to make your posts stand out from the noise. That requires dedicating a bit more thought when crafting your copy than just adding an emoji.


Everything you post needs to spark people’s interest. Write your message in an appealing style to make your followers curious, and eager to find out more – or talk about it more.


This extensive study by BuzzSumo analyzed over 100 million headlines on social media, and the things they discovered were extremely interesting! For example, here is a list of the top headline phrases:

best headlines


Tip #6: Leverage Unique Hashtags

Is there a symbol out there more social media-defining than the hashtag? Probably not. That is why it needs to be present in your communication endeavours. Hashtags can double your engagement by bringing in more people interested in the subject you are discussing.


However, just putting the ‘#’ symbol on any word is not going to cut it. The #goal is to leverage those unique hashtags that can help increase your exposure and bring in new followers. Try to be specific, as general hashtags aren’t attention-grabbing.



Tip #7: Pay for a Little Boost

Companies or brands aren’t the only ones who can pay to advertise their content. Spending as little as a few dollars to boost one of your posts, can increase your personal account’s reach and steadily grow your online presence.


But before you start investing in social media advertising, take a look at your old posts first to see which ones have generated decent engagement. Use that as a basis for deciding which type of content to boost.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the targeting options as well. Instead of just showing your ads to a wide audience, try to think of those people who are more likely to interact with your content and target them directly.


Also, take into consideration that a lot of the people you are targeting might prefer using a mobile phone or tablet when navigating online. Most platforms offer a preview of the ad, so check to see how it looks on different screens. As for the financial part, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can pay as little as $5 for a post; the trick is to optimize it enough to get the most out of it.



Over to You

Building an audience isn’t the key to your social media success, as proved by those pages that gather 5K followers but average three likes per post. And if you manage multiple accounts at once, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.


Unfortunately, there’s no secret formula to instantly gather hundreds of likes and shares for your posts, at least not yet. Engagement rate shows if your audience is listening to you, so the best way to go about it is to think of your communication strategy as a friendly dialogue: start off by saying something interesting, but also encourage your followers to join in and keep the conversation going.


A high engagement rate won’t happen overnight, but with a regular posting frequency and optimized content, you have a better chance to improve your presence.