Avoid These 8 Mistakes on Your Personal Facebook Page

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Avoid These 8 Mistakes on Your Personal Facebook Page

Even if your use of Facebook is strictly personal, and you care nothing about ever actually selling anything via that platform, you still want people to look at what you post, right? That puts you squarely in the business of YOU. 


Sorry. There's no avoiding it unless you are the one person on the planet who posts updates and prays no one ever lays eyes on them.


So if you're one of the other approximately one billion people who use Facebook for fun or profit, here are 8 Mistakes that Could be Killing Your Personal Facebook Views. 


The Horrible, Terrible Wall of Text

A Facebook status update is not the place to post multiple paragraphs of dense text - or even not-so-dense text. Think back to your browsing habits. We internet users are an impatient bunch, one trigger finger always twitching with the urge to stop what we're doing and jet off to another web page to do something else, and then another to do something else. 


Don't make the mistake of thinking your particular prose or opinion is so scintillating that every person on your friend list will bring their browsing session to a complete stop and ponder deeply every word of your update, head cocked, chin held in hand. 


Sorry, but nobody's that interesting in the Digital Age. Your best bet is to keep the words to a minimum, a few lines or a short paragraph at most. 


Posts With No Images Are a Faceless Puppy

Posts With No Images Are a Faceless PuppyA Facebook post without a picture is like a cute puppy without a face. Apologies for that visual, but it's true. 


Study after study has confirmed that we are, indeed, visual creatures. The popularity of "adult" websites and YouTube are a testament to that. 


Expect that a Facebook post without an image will result in considerably fewer views and interaction. It's like opening up the first page of James Fenimore Cooper's classic novel, The Deerslayer, and seeing that wall of impenetrable 19th-century prose leaping out at you with a healthy dose of sleeping gas. Modern audiences are just not tuned to that frequency. Give them a picture, a quick, simple hit of text, and then the "piece de resistance" in the form of an exciting link.


No Link for You, You Hyper-Clicking Neanderthal

You know why clickbait links work online, right? Because we all want to click, click, click to a new thing that's better than the old stuff we just looked at.


That's not to say you should fill your page with a bunch of stuff that sucks people down into a rabbit hole of almost exciting information that they'll never climb out. 


Social media platforms have become so synonymous with clicking that it confuses the average surfer when they come across a post with no clickable link. Don't tease or torment them.


Give them something to click on so they don't end up in the emergency room from hammering too hard on their phone screen trying to find where you've hidden that all-important link. And if you don't have a good link to send them to, maybe you shouldn't be posting at all right then. Seriously. Lack of a link means you're probably talking about yourself (rather than opining regarding a scintillating recent event) and those are the dullest posts of all.



You Post Too Much

You Post Too Much

Remember how we talked about the business of YOU? 


It's generally accepted that a traditional business should post no more than twice daily on Facebook. Even for a personal page, though, you might heed this rule. If you're firing off every stray thought that crosses your mind and end up with two dozen posts over a 24-hour-period, there's a chance you're wearing out your friend list. 


Nobody wants to hear from you that much. Not even your mother. 


As hard as it might be to suppress the urge to share every single motivational meme that crosses your path, don't do it. For most of us, less is more. The twice-daily posting idea isn't a hard and fast rule but take a step back and consider that you might be oversharing.


You Post Too Little

At the other end of the spectrum lies the Facebook user who opens an account and promptly disappears into the rabbit hole, never to be heard from again. If this describes you, consider that, to gain any traction at all, you might need to step up your game at least a little. 


It doesn't make you an arrogant share-beast if you check in with your online buddies now and then. There's another unavoidable truth at play here too. 


These days, potential employers are liable to check out your social pages to gain insight into who you are as a person. If your last post was back before the Civil War, it could be time to let everyone know that you are an actual person and not a figment of the collective imagination. 


You Have No Filter

You Have No FilterNot everyone wants to read about your religious or political views, and potential employers (dang it, why can't they just leave you alone online) might use such rants as reasons to weed you out of the hiring process. 


The simple truth is that many, if not most, humans don't care to be on the receiving end of this sort of piety or mudslinging nastiness. 


There's a good chance a number of your friends will choose to hide your posts from view, and you'll never know. Having said that if it doesn't bother you, to shout whatever you want to the empty heavens, carry on. 


But before you bow up and proclaim loudly that you can say whatever darn thing you want - yes, you absolutely can. All the way to the unemployment line with nothing but pretend friends to keep you company. Before that becomes your reality, consider - just for a moment - that maybe the occasional exercise of a slight bit of discretion isn't all a bad thing. 


You Need to Prettify Your Space

For this section, we proceed with the assumption that you want people to hang out and interact with you in Facebookland. You don’t have to be a graphic designer but put at least some effort into coming up with a halfway-interesting cover and profile pic. The precise dimensions are easily found and the cloud-based graphic design software Pixlr is so easy to use that, yes, even you could figure it out. 


Additionally, take the time to fill out your profile, within reason, of course. We're not suggesting you lay your life and precise demographic or contact information open to the world, but it wouldn't be a crime to write a paragraph about your philosophy. 



You Don’t Have the App

This one shall remain short and sweet. You need to get either (depending on your phone) the Android or iOS mobile app and install it. With more than half of all internet traffic being conducted via mobile devices, you're just silly if you keep trying to use Facebook or other social platforms via the mobile browser. It's clunky, error-prone, and not what the cool kids are doing. 



The Bottom Line

While we could go on about Facebook mistakes, we'll stop here but reserve the right to revisit the topic at a later date.


Hopefully, the preceding discussion has not sent you seeking a nearby ledge from which to hurl yourself. Whether you've violated one or all eight of these topics, never fear. You can do better. Immediately! 


Nothing here is life or death.


You're among friends who simply want you to make your personal Facebook the absolute best it can be.


Worried that your page is turning people off and you don't know why? Send us a link in the comments below, and we'll give you our unbiased opinion.