Influencer Marketplaces You Can Leverage to Make Your First $1,000

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Influencer Marketplaces You Can Leverage to Make Your First $1,000

If you have an active social media presence, then you’ve probably heard about the buzzword “influencer.” After all, everyone and their mother seems to become one or work with one.


But, did you ever stop to think about the leverage this status could bring you?


Here are the facts: 3% of people generate over 90% of the online impact. That’s huge!


That means that people are more likely to listen to a social media influencer than their peers. In fact, reports have shown that influencer recommendations are 22 times more effective than those from regular consumers.


Social media personalities have more power in this world than celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez.


Becoming an influencer, though, is by no means an easy task. You must invest a lot of time to build honest and authentic relationships with your followers. And, considering that most people receive about 5,000 marketing messages per day, cutting through the noise could be a challenge.


That’s where influencer marketplaces come into play.


An influencer marketplace is a platform or software that connects brands, companies, and rising social media stars interested in creating content and reaching out to new audiences.


In this article, we’re going to present the best marketplaces you can leverage to boost your influencer status and make your first $1,000.



1. Famebit

fame bit

Famebit is one of the largest, most popular influencer marketing platforms for brands and creators across various social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. The platform offers two signing up options – one for brands and one for creators.


Companies choose the social media channel on which they would like to amplify their marketing efforts, the type of content they want, and the campaign details. Once everything is set, freelance content creators (aka rising influencers) can start bidding.


With Famebit you can boost your influencer status as well as make some money in the process. Companies look for content in a variety of categories, from beauty and fashion to gaming, tech, and health. So, regardless of your niche, you could probably find plenty of opportunities here.



2. Grapevine


Grapevine is another excellent network for leveraging your influencer status to make money. However, unlike Famebit, it only focuses on YouTube and Instagram, so if you don’t have an impressive following on one of these channels, it’s going to be difficult to find companies interested in your services.


One of the things you will love about this platform (in addition to the amazing sponsorship opportunities, of course) is the support you receive from their customer service. Regardless of your problem, they can help you navigate the platform with ease. Plus, you have the opportunity to connect with cutting-edge startups that promise to make a difference in the world.



3. Whalar


If you’re looking for a user-friendly, professional platform that connects brands to content creators in various niches, then Whalar is an excellent pick. And, the best part about it is that the competition isn’t as stiff as on other influencer marketplaces.


Whalar hosts a little over a thousand creators from all corners of the world, from the U.S, Germany, and Sweden to India or Spain.


You will have the opportunity to work with brands large and small on a variety of campaigns, including traveling, health and fitness, interior design, and so on.



4. BrandBacker


Perhaps the biggest influencer marketplace out there, BrandBacker features an impressive network of over 10,000 influencers worldwide. While that’s good news for companies, it means fierce competition for you. The opportunities, however, are greater than on other platforms that are less popular than BrandBacker.


With BrandBacker, you can get your social media profiles or blog in front of relevant brands and build a fruitful relationship with them. You can also grow your audience by offering your followers access to new products, discounts, and giveaways.


In addition to monetary compensations, you can also receive other incentives, such as discounts, vouchers or free samples. All you have to do is create an account, look for opportunities that fit your niche, and apply to the campaigns submitted by brands you like and are in tune with your audience. Once your bid is accepted, you can create the content and submit it for approval.




influence-co is a platform that is focused on helping influencers showcase their brand and promote themselves. If most marketplaces target companies primarily and help them find the right content creators for their campaigns, addresses the needs of influencers and aids them to build their audience.


The platform provides you with all the tools you need to build your profile, highlight your best work, and grow your business. You can share your profile on Instagram, via email or send it to different brands to promote yourself. You can also create an embedded card and post it on your website to promote your profile.


If you’re new to the platform or just not sure what steps you should take to build your influencer marketing career, you can also take one of their free classes here.



6. Revfluence


There’s a reason why Revfluence is known as the leading influencer marketplace for both companies and creators. With a list of impressive brands you can work with, from BareMinerals and Calvin Klein to Zumba and Paula’s Choice, Revfluence is an excellent platform you can leverage to build your audience and earn money in the process.


What could be better than working with the brands you love and creating content on your terms? That’s what Revfluence promise influencers as well as a quick payment system. You will receive your money directly to your PayPal account the moment you complete and submit your video or post.



7. Izea


There is no shortage of brands and opportunities on Izea. With over 50,000 companies looking for content creators in various niches, you can rest assured that you can earn money and grow your audience at the same time.


On Izea, you can work with companies like Hershey's, Levi’s, LG, HP, Dell, Subway, and many others to boost and monetize your online influence. You can also get paid to drive traffic. All you have to do is to search through a directory of content, pick something that resonates with your audience, share it with your network, and get paid for every click you receive.




In this overly competitive world, those who wait for opportunities to find them are at a loss.


As you can see, there are plenty of influencer marketplaces that you can use to promote yourself, look for the brands and campaigns that fit your profile, and monetize your online influence.


Sure, it will take hard work, time, and energy to connect with the brands you love for sponsorship, but all your efforts will be well worth it.